[Video] 3D LED FASHION and (some) VIDEO MAPPING WORKSHOP por mappingfestival

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via [IFTTT](http://ift.tt/1c4nCfM)

For 4 days this workshop will offer a full range of practical applications on LEDs and video MAPPING using MadMapper, a software from GarageCube and 1024 architecture.

Apply now ! (until April 7th 2014)
Location : Kugler / Fonderie / GENEVA, SWITZERLAND, Dates : May 26th – 29th
More info : http://ift.tt/YIvBD6

We’ll especially focus on :
– designing wearable LED costumes
– designing 3D LED shapes and controlling them in realtime
– making an electronic kit to control LEDs wirelessly
– and some special surprises

[Video sound by “Deadly B” by MONSTER-X, BEDROOMRESEARCH]
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