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Print The Legend – Impresión 3D, una nueva dimensión revolucionaria

¡PRINT THE LEGEND nos muestra como las empresas líderes en impresión 3D nacieron, crecieron y se reprodujeron!

[Video] Cluster por Lucas Cabral

Clusters are aggregates of a small and finite number of atoms or molecules. They range from the dimer, consisting of only two atoms, up to large clusters made up of several tens of thousands of atoms. In this sense they bridge the gap between the isolated atom and the infinite solid. Programed in Processing. Music:Leer Más

[Video] Life is Beautiful (Short) por Ben Brand

Anton may be done with life, but life ain’t done with Anton. In his convincing decision to change his measly existence he discovers the real greatness of life. ‘Life is Beautiful’ is a 3D animation short made with support of Caviar Amsterdam, animation studio Fube, the dutch filmfund and the NTR. It’s part of theLeer Más

[Video] processing to MadMapper via Syphon [Test] por espadaysantacruz studio

Example of integration of Processing on MadMapper using Syphon. I’ve used Processing 1.5.1 and MadMapper 1.0.2 You can find a step by step tutorial with the source code in: http://ift.tt/1imncE4 Revisa nuestra lista de videos recomendados

[Video] 3D LED FASHION and (some) VIDEO MAPPING WORKSHOP por mappingfestival

Este video fue agregado a nuestra lista de favoritos en VIMEO, te lo recomendamos. via IFTTT

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